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I think it's important for you to get a feel for what others have experienced when working with me. As I get more comments on my performance and the experience I will continue to share them with you. I use the feedback to continue doing things that work and change things that aren't working.  

I had never used psilocybin before and was curious but didn't know what to expect. Jessica thoroughly explained all the steps (preparation, journey, integration), and answered all my questions. She was warm, supportive, and had a great sense of humor throughout. Her nurturing presence was key to helping me be vulnerable during my journey, and I felt I achieved all the expectations we set beforehand. The journey was mind-blowing (almost literally) and enabled me to access some deep emotions that I don't think I could have tapped into without it. It did for me what a thousand talk therapy sessions never could.

~ Anonymous

It is not often that you meet someone who can instantly make you comfortable enough to take off the "social mask". Not often am I pleasantly disarmed, and you do it in a way that doesn't feel forced, fake or wanting. Jessica has truly found her calling within this psychedelic space. I get excited when I think about everyone who will get to work with her, and the positive impact she is about to make in all their lives.

~ Anonymous

Jessica makes it easy to feel safe and supported, even for those of us who come from a more stoic/masculine background, and aren't used to being vulnerable. Her authenticity is contagious, and her compassion is rare.

~ Anonymous


Jessica is a compassionate, delightful and effective wellness coach who helped me create a new career path as an “empty-nester”. Within the space of one year, funding for my part-time job in the nonprofit sector ended, my mother passed away and my kids moved into their first apartment. Jessica’s positive energy (I love her rich, bubbling laughter!) and insightful questions helped me stay focused on the steps I needed to take to bring my dream career into reality. She listened deeply, validated my strengths and was respectful and supportive when I felt unclear. Jessica is invested in my success. Clients who find themselves at a crossroad on their wellbeing journey will benefit from sessions with Jessica!  ~ CL

I have personal and professional experience in the coaching realm. My involvements have taught me that finding a good coach is crucial to the growth and development of your goals, whether in the realm of wellness or just for life in general. A coach should be trustworthy, not just with protecting the privacy of your information, but also in a way that provides you, the client, with absolute emotional security. You should feel confident in providing open and honest communication about your current circumstances without fear of judgement or negativity. A coach should be your partner in this process of evolution, guiding you gently in the desirable direction, while all the time making sure you are governing the movement forward. This is my experience with Jessica as a Health and Wellness coach. She empowers you to show up in this world as the person you have always been striving to be. She will help you dive deeply into the core of who you are, to reveal the strengths that have been waiting to propel you forward. Working with Jessica will make a significant change in your life. She will provide you the tools you need, the support you’ve been longing for, and a commitment to your evolution that maybe you have been unable to muster for yourself. Most importantly, though, Jessica will help you realize that the potential to transform is always within the realm of your capability, because that power will forever, as it always has before, reside within you. ~ ES

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