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Educational Offerings

I provide educational services tailored to professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of ethics and harm reduction, focusing on psilocybin services and polyamory . With a firm belief in the transformative power of education, I offer engaging talks, panel discussions, and consultations designed to equip fellow professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate these complex areas ethically and effectively. By investing in education, you'll not only enhance your professional competence but also contribute to creating safer, more inclusive spaces for clients to thrive.



Are you intrigued by the therapeutic potential of psilocybin or the complexities of navigating polyamory within your practice? Wondering how to ethically and effectively support clients in these areas? Look no further. I provide personalized 1-on-1 consultations and engaging presentations for group practices, equipping you with the insights, strategies, and ethical frameworks needed to navigate these topics confidently. Whether you're seeking guidance for individual cases or aiming to enhance your practice's approach to alternative lifestyles and substances, my consultation services are tailored to empower you to provide the best possible support for your clients.


Are you organizing a conference or panel discussion and seeking captivating speakers to delve into topics like psilocybin therapy or the dynamics of polyamorous relationships? Look no further. I offer engaging talks and panel contributions tailored to spark thought-provoking discussions and provide valuable insights into these complex areas. With a deep passion for ethics, harm reduction, and diverse relationship dynamics, I'm committed to delivering informative and impactful presentations that will leave your audience inspired and informed. Whether you're aiming to explore cutting-edge therapeutic approaches or promote inclusivity and understanding, my talks and panels are sure to elevate your event to new heights.

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