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Psilocybin Journey Process
Unveil the depths of self-discovery and healing through Psilocybin Facilitation, where the profound power of psilocybin is harnessed. Explore personal growth, heal from trauma, or embark on a spiritual quest in a safe, supportive, and legal way. Expect expert guidance, precise preparation, and transformative integration as you unlock the secrets of your consciousness. Your journey to profound well-being begins here.

Services being performed in Ashland, Oregon at:


Satya Therapeutics

638 N. Main Street
Ashland OR 97520

(541) 930-2478

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Public transit: Bus line 10 going north stops right in front of the center on Main St. Southbound line 1X, line 10, and line 17 stops 0.1 miles away on the corner of Maple St and Main St.

Fee Schedule

Services are offered according to an hourly wage and vary greatly depending on client needs, preparation, and dosage consumed. Please see the Satya Therapeutic website for room rental and psilocybin fees.

Using Smart Phone

Consultation - Free

~ 15 minutes

An opportunity for you to share your specific needs, goals, and concerns. We can assess whether Psychedelic Facilitated Healing is a suitable and beneficial option for your unique circumstances and objectives. This is typically done via a phone call. 

Image by Igor Omilaev

Administration Session - $200/hr

~ 4 hour minimum

Aka “the journey”: A carefully structured and supervised in-person experience in which you consume a precise dose of psilocybin in a controlled and supportive environment at a licensed service center.  This is an in-person session.

After your first Administration session, subsequent sessions can be done without Orientation or Preparation sessions up to one year. 

Reviewing CV

Orientation Session - $100/hr

~ 1 - 2 hours

An informative session that helps you become familiar with the principles, practices, and expectations of psilocybin services. It offers an overview of the process, safety guidelines, and environment, ensuring you are well-prepared for your psilocybin journey. This can be done in person or via video conference.


Image by Baran Lotfollahi

Integration Session - $80/hr

~ 1 hour

A vital part of Psychedelic Facilitated Healing, integration focuses on helping you effectively process your experience and identify ways for the learning to be used for creating changes in your life. This can be a one-time session or ongoing sessions and can be done in person or via video conference. 



Preparation Session - $100/hr

~ 1 to 2 hours

A crucial step in ensuring a safe and transformative experience. Several key aspects are typically addressed: set and setting, defining intention, emotional expectations, plan for what to bring, safety and support, preparing for the journey and afterwards, coping skills, answering any remaining questions/concerns. This can be done in person or via video conference.


Calculate Savings

Discount Offered - 20%

All Services

I recognize that the current Oregon Measure 109 structure regarding cost is inequitable and a barrier for most. In an effort to mitigate *some* of the financial hardship, I offer 20% off all services for those receiving financial aid (Medicaid, SNAP, OHP, TANF, Utilities, etc.) with proof of eligibility. Please let me know if you think you qualify. 

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